Located at 2600 Alpine Meadows Rd in Alpine Meadows, CA, Alpine Meadows Ski Resort caters to families, couples, groups, and solo adventure seekers alike. A system of 13 lifts gives visitors access to 2,400 acres of awesome skiing and snowboarding terrain. The resort offers over a hundred trails, seven bowls, and two terrain parks. Within a mile of the resort, quaint, comfortable lodging is available to round off the Alpine Meadows experience.  

Winters in Alpine Meadows are all about skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and back country hiking. The resort offers professional ski instruction, a masters race course, and a Mountaineers Kids Camp for children ages 4 to 12 years. Tours are available in more remote areas of the resort. Families should check out the Family Ski Zone, which features a moderate slope for folks who want to ski or snowboard at a milder pace. 
Alpine Meadows Ski Resort is officially closed during the summer months. However, the Tahoe National Forest is open and available to people who want to hike, bike, or enjoy a family picnic.  
The Alpine Meadows base lodge has a full-service restaurant, cafeteria, deli, and boulangerie. The lodge features a spacious sundeck, which is the perfect pre- or post-ski venue. The Chalet, a full-service restaurant located on the mountain, is a great place to rest and refuel. For skiers who hit the back bowls, the Ice Bar offers pick-me-up snacks and an opportunity to relax. For families, Alpine Meadows offers The Parents’ Lounge, a super fun indoor space with jungle gyms and other kid-friendly play equipment. 
Although lift tickets work for both Alpine Meadows and nearby Squaw, there is not currently a lift or gondola connecting the two resorts. It is, however, possible to move between the two resorts via the Squaw Alpine Shuttle.