We are here for love of the Sierras in all forms: art, activities, landscape, people, animals, sunshine, the list doesn’t end. We not only want to celebrate the artists and hot spots for those who live and work in the Sierras, but also provide a spot to meet visitors and tell them about your store or location or craft. We are just getting going, but our aim is to serve those who serve the community as well as help those who are interested in coming for a visit.

To be able to live and work in this area is a blessing. It is not easy, with just incredible and storied amounts of snow, the view of the deep blue of Lake Tahoe that never gets old. Far enough away from big cities that we still feel small, but close enough to be accessible by many. If you look on the map, nearly anywhere in the world, you won’t find a place nor a culture quite like this that is snuggled amidst some of the most sought after places to be in the entire world.

Welcome to our Sierras.